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We Are Russian-speaking Earthlings.

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The Idea Of the Movie

There are 162 million native speakers of Russian worldwide and about 110 million people who speak it as a second language. We live anywhere in the world, often completely assimilated within the local cultures. We come in different colors, shapes and opinions and deny to be identified with bias rooted in daily news and history books. Instead, we love to be regarded as a global diverse community in a modern world.

OUT shows five different realistic personal stories of people who relate to the language in one way or another. Shot in five countries, the movie presents interactions of Russian-speakers with the local cultures.

Through this work we'd like to show that we all share similar grieves, joys, victories and losses - and one planet for all.


When and Where Will The Movie Be Released?

The first closed show of the film will take place in May 2015 in London. Then it will begin on its journey screening at cinemas and festivals around the world. To ensure the film qualifies for festivals, it will go public during 2016 and become freely available to all interested online.

To be in the know about shows and other news related to the film, join some of our groups in social networks.

If you would like to screen the film at your festival or other event, please contact us at

Who are we?

We are young directors from five different countries who are eager to contribute to the change. We are backed by social organizations in seven EU countries, who work with local Russian-speaking communities, striving to improve the intercultural understanding between the communities and the local majorities - through arts and cultural production.

This movie is our frank effort to contribute to our common goal on an international level.

Production team


PRAGmatiki o. s., Prague, Czech Republic

Producer, idea

Igor Rubinovich

Production Director

Olga Staravoitava

Production Co-ordinator

Elena Malashevskaya

Production Designer, Animator

Vlada Shamova

Production Designer

Tatiana Kitaeva


CoolBox media, St. Petersburg, Russia

Postproduction editor

Samvel Gevorgyan

Credits music

Nostalgia, Full Moon


Kirill Yakovlev

Performed by


Searching For the Father
Mike is an Englishman who went to Russia to meet his father. What will happen to him in this intriguing country, and how will this trip change his life?
Karo Sarikyan
Karo (Karapet) Sarikyan was born in 1990 in Armenia. At the age of six, he moved to St. Petersburg along with his family. Upon his graduation from the Television University, Karo continued doing what he loved – shooting short films and ads. “I travel to Europe very often. There, I create short videos of artistic and commercial nature. One of my favourite countries is UK: The unusual atmosphere and the impressive old architecture of this country inspires me to develop creative plots.”



International Publishing Group LTD - London

Director, Screenwriter

Karo Sarikyan


Ashot Gezalyan, Anastasia Nekrasova

Director of Photography

Rodion Morozov

Sound engineer

Paul Gorsky

Second director

Maria Alexeeva

Assistant cameraman

Nicholay Halonen, Vladimir Dostal

Make up Artist

Irina Durbin

Color Correction

Samvel Gevorgyan


Vladimir Kuznetsov

Sergei Krasovsky

Karo Sarikyan

The Ballerines
Lives of young and experienced artists in the hands of circumstances and entanglements of fate. Ambitions and passion mixed up into an intriguing story developing across the romantic landscapes of Paris.
Natalia Bogdanovska
Born in Siberia. Of the brightest childhood memories: The view of the Baikal–Amur Mainline from the window, and a little further – the endless woods of Taiga. Then – the migration of the family a little closer to Europe, a university degree in Russian literature and folklore, and the first serious job – a reporter for a TV news channel. Then – author of a TV programme about culture, and – after a couple of years – the tough decision to switch from TV to film. Completing the Paris School of photography, Natalia Bogdanovska shoots promo videos, documentaries, and action movies in France and other countries.



Union des russophones de France - Paris

Director, Screenwriter

Natalia Bogdanovska

Assistant Director

Anna Olekhnovych

2d assistant Director

Edouard Partoes

3d assistant Director

Vladimir Abrossimov

Director of Photography

Stan Tolianker


Mélanie Debraine

Sound Designer

Benoît Griesbach

Script Supervisor

Nataliya Kharkovskaya

Film Editor

Natalia Bogdanovska


Alexis Mangou


Felix Guy

Color Correction

Marie Cheignon


Anna Shelestova

Natalia Arjona

Ekaterina Snejinskaia

Anastasia Gai


Olivier Korol


Adrien Pelon


Delphine Langlois

Also Starring

Loriane и Cecile Sauto

Felipe Galvon

Irina Stavytska

Felix Guy

Veronique Gastin

Alexis Mangou

Gerard Meulemeester

Chantal Langlois

Janne Sabadash

Alex Elsoukov


Ballet Swan Lake P. Tchaikovsky

Ballet Giselle A. Adam

L'HYMNE A L'AMOUR Adrien Pelon


Eric Lamy

Georges van Veen

Christophe Voisé

Christian Monvoisin

Antoine Billet

Anna Lavrentieva

Ivan Kuzmin

Nina Kuznetzoff

Nadejda Morozova

Laurence Vasseur

Paul Berçot.

Gilles Berlaimont

Attitude Paris

(Fournisseur de l' Opéra National de Paris)

Le Centre de Russie pour la science et la culture à Paris

(Российский центр науки и культуры в Париже)

and personally its director


Petit Journal Montparnasse

Who Is To Blame?
Youth, new life, great hopes are all ingredients for success. Hot blood, a misunderstood gesture are ingredients for a criminal story. One wrong step can become fatal in a new school, in a new country...
Damianos Maximov
As Damianos admits: “I'm not sure whether I'm more of an artist or a person who just loves arts. One thing is for sure: arts have changed me, have changed my life.” Having dedicated much of his time to photography, Damianos took on the quest to go further and chose video as one more way to express his creative personality. Photography and video had become intertwined and complement each other in unexpected ways. Damianos adds: “It's hard not to love arts in Greece – the nature and the history are too inspiring!”



Youth Support Centre «EGEO» - Thessaloniki

Director, Screenwriter

Damianos Maximov

Assistant Director

Stathis Vasiliadis

2nd Assistant Director

Dimitris Vavatsis

Script writer

Ronis Maximidis


Akis Kersanidis

Assistant Gaffer

Giorgos Vasiliadis

Sound Editor

Paris Grigorakis

Makeup Artist

Maria Makrygiannh

Production Manager

Kritonas Zachariadis

Executive Producer

Christina Goleka


Vasilis Nikoltsis


Paris Grigoriadis


Teacher 1

Ilias Mouratidis

Teacher 2

Charis Konstantinidis


Ruslan Pilipko


Ntinos Agapidis


Kyriakos Tataridis


Odysseas Kagialis


Ilias Porfiridis


Aggeliki Tsakalidou


Maria Makrygiannh

The Parcel
Three young messengers – Alexander, a recent migrant; Liiza who grew up in Finland; and Janne, a Finnish native, get the assignment of their life – to deliver a parcel to the company's most important customer. Whoever completes the task will keep their job, and the others must leave. Who is going to make it, and what will happen to the others?
Evgeny Kamardin
Evgeny went to Finland to receive his Master’s degree in Jyväskylä, with no knowledge of Finnish language. His passion for video production – documentaries, music videos, ads – led him to starting a production company. “I can move to another country at any time, if there's a good reason for it. When you are dealing with video, journeys inspire you and help you keep a fresh view of the world.”



LOGRUS RY - Helsinki

Director, Screenwriter

Evgeny Kamardin


Ville Pakarinen


Heidi Ollikainen


Joni Ollikainen

Anton Jokikunnas


Sergei Alto

Igor Rumbus Rombonen


Nadja Ridel

Tatiana Solovieva


Evgeny Kamardin

Color Grading

Ville Pakarinen



Kirill Ganin


Martti Nikamaa


Natalia Peisonen


Irina Bowa

Jarmo (child)

Nikita Konoplya

Jarmo (adult)

Mait Lepik

Warehouse keeper

Mika Melender


Paavo Kovanen


Katja Kinnunen

House wife

Olga Volkova


Joni Hyvönen

Matti’s friends

Jesse Pulju

Eemil Heikkinen


Asketics - The French

Asketics - Take What You Want

Alexey Derevlyev - Kantele theme


Vinego Works

Anton Kargaltsev

Valerija Lapina

Olga Lapina

Valentina Kempi

Kirill Ganin

Andrei Greidan

Paavo Kovanen

Konstantin Dukov

Julia Penttinen

Tatiana Vishnevskaja khatib

Tatiana Solovieva

Natalia Hämäläinen

Olga Svanberg

Czech Republic
Our Son Is In Europe!
Roman went to Prague not a long time ago and is trying to build his life. Being mindful of his relatives' health, he tells them stories of his success in Europe, supporting them with impressive photographs. Everything goes wrong when they declare they would soon come to visit him in his new country.
Artie Davidoff
"I have a constant urge to shoot film, all the time, in any circumstances. I love the creative process, nothing compares to it. When I shoot, I feel like a magician." Besides shooting a new short, Artem develops his advertising studio, writes music and teaches in a theatre studio. In future, Artem looks at benefiting the society with his creativity.



PRAGmatiki o.s. - Prague

Director, Screenwriter

Artyom Davydov


Igor Rubinovich

Assistant Poducer

Olga Starovoitova

Assistant Director

Renata Reinhard

Location Manager

Svetlana Soenkova

Poduction Co-ordinator

Elena Malashevskaya

Assistant Accountant

Yana Pokhno

Director of Photography

Anton Evdoshenko

Assistant cameraman

Tomáš Šťastný

Poduction Designer, Animator

Vlada Shamova

Make-up and Hair Artist

Svetlana Kanushina

Costume designer

Irina Yakovlev


Tatiana Kitaeva


Sergey Lagutin


Jonáš Pelikán



Andrej Landau


Irina Ilinskaya


Vladimir Khlevnoy

Family friend

Olga Kotigorenko


Anton Koscheev

Also starring

Katerina Gordeeva

Pavel Isachenko

Artem Melamed

Elena Karmalys

Halina Kanokova

Anastasia Frolova

Margo Kuznecova

Ksenia Deryabina

Sofia Romanovskaya

Sergey Nazarenko

Michail Archangelskiy

Svetlana Prikazchikova



Kateřina Myšková


Iva Korgerová


Kamil Janský


Ladislav Štefek

Special thanks

Vasyl Tsitsey

Fedja Nanič

Pavel Martynau

Pavel Petrenko (aka Pyatochkin)

Olga Vjuskova

Yury Karida

Olga Lapina

Ann Prishutova

Tatiana Kitaeva

Ksenia Dubrovina

Who Is Behind the Project?

The project started as part of Culture and Media Production as a Tool for Integraion project - a two-year long partnership of organizations from seven EU countries under the support of EU Lifelong Learning Programme / Grundtvig. The project helps creative Russian-speakers from various countries meet and exchange knowledge. Via arts, music and film, we strive to overcome the stereotypes associated with Russian-speakers. The project launched in 2013 in Prague with the KOLORITfest - Festival of Russian-speakers' Culture, its next meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2014. The last meeting will take place in London in 2015 and include the release screening of the film 'OUT'. Visit to learn more.


Czech Republic / Prague - PRAGmatiki o.s. | Greece / Thessaloniki - Youth Support Centre «EGEO» | United Kingdom / London - International Publishing Group LTD | Finland / Helsinki - Logrus Ry - International Society for youth initiatives | France / Paris - Union des russophones de France | Slovakia / Banská Bystrica - Občianske združenie ROSSIJA | Lithuania / Vilnus - Asociacija "Jaunimo iniciatyvinė grupė"

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Thank you for supporting our idea and for helping us make it happen! Please feel free to contact us if you have something to say or ask. We are happy to hear from you, whether it is your ideas, suggestions or just a few words of support. You can reach us at outfilm @ If you want to know more about who we are and what we do, please visit the main project website at

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